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Welcome back to another CINEC newsletter! In this newsletter, you will have the opportunity to read up on all the on-going events in our CINEC programs, including an article from one of CINEC's excellent graduates Jerry Xiao in the University of Toronto.

As the calendar year wraps up, the academic year is just hitting stride. It is important to work hard and enjoy the learning experiences along the way. Remember that teachers and staff, as well as CINEC are always there to provide support in whatever capacity they can.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous 2019!

Message From Alumni

Some Ideas About University

Hi there, this is Jerry Xiao from the University of Toronto. Mr. Berg wants me to talk about my perceptions...

Star Students

This month, we selected two outstanding students from the BC Offshore Program as the student stars of December. They are David from Canadian Secondary Wenzhou No.22 School and Ian from Jiaxing Senior High School.

Let's know more about them, and find out what we can learn these two students......

School News
Luwan Senior High School BC Offshore Program

The Chess Tournament was held on November 28th and December 5th. It was a new house team competition organized by the student council...

Jiaxing Senior High School BC Offshore Program

On November 16 and the morning of November 17, 2018, the sports and art festival was held by both Jiaxing Senior High School and...

Shanghai Nanmo Private High School BC Offshore Program

On October 24th, Nanyang Model Private High School held an annual SUID election meeting (Student Union of International Division)...

Canadian Secondary Wenzhou No. 22 School BC Offshore Program

A few days ago in this not-so-cold December, the annual school art festival kicked off. Many activities such as painting, singing, dancing, calligraphy...

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