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Dear Students, Teachers and Parents,

As we head into the last term of the school year, there is much anticipation and expectations ahead. For some students, they continue to await news from their university applications and ultimately their future. They also continue to focus on their current academic studies as they need to finish strong. Our teachers have much work ahead of them as well, preparing the final months of lessons, assignments and tests, and helping students reach their potential. The BC program and curriculum has helped shape our students for success in future studies abroad. While some have just started the journey, others are almost ready to continue on. We wish them all the best!

In this month’s issue, we share the many activities that have happened in our CINEC schools such as Easter, Track and Field, Terry Fox Run, and English Olympics. We also recognize some more STAR STUDENTS. Please enjoy the articles and photos from our students and teachers at each of our schools.

Have a wonderful month!

Star Students
April Star Student - Kara
Hello, everyone. This month's learning star is Kara Li Xialing from grade 11. She is not only an enthusiastic student who works hard, but is also a helper and a model student.

April Star Student - Ryan Cheng
Ryan, a beautiful name from Ireland, means little emperor. Actually it once was also used as an adjective to describe a boy who is handsome and bashful, but not very tall.

The Technical Star - David Weng
Who will be the Star Student of April? You guys might be familiar with the student--- David Weng. Why is he familiar? This is the second time he won the Star Student this year, and that’s incredible!

School News
Soccer Means Youth

On the morning of April 10th, 2019, the eighth Annual BCOS Soccer Tournament took place at Sino Canada. Although both the boys’ and girls’ soccer team from Shanghai Nanyang Model Private ...

Career Education 10 Parent Presentations

On March 21 and March 23, several students’ parents came to Nanmo high school to introduce their career to all the students in grade 10.

Marathon of Hope

39 years ago, a man went on a long journey in obscurity. No one, not even he, knew how this action would change Canada. From east to west, people could see a figure running a full marathon daily...

The Adventure of Exploring Stock Market

Since the middle of March, Mr. V has led Economics students in both Grade 11 and Grade 12 to experience the stock market simulation.

New Season, New Coach, New Starting point

In this season for chasing dreaming, Jiaxing BCOS’s girls soccer team won third place at the soccer tournament which was a perfect period for this...

Vocabulary Club: Help Each Other and Make Progress Together

April already came and it is the end of the spring. All the students in Jiaxing BCOS are studying hard to catch the tail of the third term and promote their...

Luwan BC Track & Field

Last Wednesday, there was a big activity in LWBC—Track and Field. All BC students gathered on the soccer field during the lunch break and couldn’t wait to represent their house team to participate.

English Olympics

Our school’s traditional English Olympics were held over the last three weeks from March 20th to April 1st. This activity is held annually. Students from each house team sign up for one or two of the...

Our Easter

On April 19th, we held our Easter activity. After three classed in the morning, we held an assembly. During the assembly, we learned from Mr. Berg that there were two evil students, a male and a female who...

English 12 Provincial Exam

Which exam scares Grade 12 students the most? That’s must be the English 12 Provincial Exam. The proportion of the English provincial exam is much greater than any other exam in grade 12.

We Will All Have a Day in the Sun

It was raining cats and dogs on April 4th. The sky was grey, like it was itself in a bad mood. Everyone in the classroom was doing homework with a sour expression on their faces; as if the bad weather...

CSW Demonstration class

A few days ago we had a special demonstration class for English teachers from all over Wenzhou and nearby cities. When I first heard this news I was surprised and felt like my head would explode.

Hiking for Grade 12 Students

The hiking activity for Grade 12 students had finished last week. Most of the students and teachers participated in this unforgettable activity and completed the 25km journey.

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