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Dear Students, Teachers and Parents,

The sun is shining more and the hours of the day are getting longer. We are entering our last month of the school year and the excitement for our graduates is building - the end is near! There is much to look forward to with the next stage of education and the experiences that wait ahead at university. For our Grade 12's, these final weeks before June 30, are extremely stressful as they complete the final stages of their high school education. For our Grade 10 and Grade 11’s, the end of the year means the completion of one grade as they work towards grade 11 or 12. The end of year brings final assessments and exams. Good luck to all of you in your final assessments!

This month in our newsletter we learn about Smart School Systems in Wenzhou, winning the BCOS Hockey Championship at Nanmo, the Terry Fox Run "Marathon of Love" in Jiaxing, and introducing Star Student, Willian Garcia, from Jiaxing and Aileen Song, from Luwan.

Graduation Ceremonies for all our schools will take place during the last two weeks of June. We wish all our grade 12 students and their families fond memories and congratulations!

Star Students
May Star Student - Willian Garcia
Willian Garcia from G12 is our Star Student this month. As the monitor of Grade 12, he has a deep understanding of life-work balance and he was gained this through practice...

May Star Student - Aileen Song
In my opinion, Aileen is an excellent student in our class, whether in studying or getting along with other classmates and her teachers. Aileen is an amicable person who has a good relationship with her classmates. Nomatter who is in trouble, she will help him or her instantly, which makes her popular with many of our classmates.

School News
It May Pour and Shine

The spring rain defied the weather forecast once again, so it did not befall the 91 juveniles on their way to the adult ceremony on April 23. This was an early departure at half past six and...

The Moment a Dream Came True

The moment the final whistle blows concludes everything I could have dreamed for. It is a moment of reward, a moment of relief and certainly a moment to remember.It is this moment that...

Peer Tutoring at Nanmo – A Way of Mutual Gain

Peer tutoring started at Nanmo in October of 2018. The tutors, a group of Grade 12 students from the leadership club, work in pairs with their partner... 

Marathon of Love: 2019 Terry Fox Run

At 10:00 on April 26th, 2019, all students and teachers from Jiaxing Senior High BCOS assembled on the track for annual Terry Fox Run. One week before the Run, students from BCOS has.... 

Frisbee Tournament

It’s the end of April and start of May and while the grass on the playground is growing, we once again gathered and trained for the Frisbee season co-sponsored by various Canadian...

Smart Campus

Last semester we experienced the first step of a switch to a smart campus – using technology to improve students’ quality of life. Every student received...

Have a try! Fire Chicken Noodles!

Why do the noodles taste so “hot”? You will never guess what I tried last Wednesday afternoon during Korean Club – Fire Chicken Noodles! As the name suggests...

Waterloo Math Contest

There was an explosive piece of news this term! The grade 10 and 11 CSW students were going to have an academic contest which everybody had been looking ...

Finding Spring in Ancient Chinese Poetry

Spring is here. The grass is growing and the birds are flying. At the time of me writing this article, its Tomb Sweeping Festival (Qingming Festival)...

2019 BCOS Ultimate Tournament

It was finally April 24th, time for the 2019 BCOS Ultimate Tournament. All of the Krakens must have remembered that we earned third place last year. This time they aimed...

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