Message from CINEC

We have had a wonderful month at our CINEC schools!

The past month has been a fulfilling and enjoyable month. In addition to the busy study life, our students also participated in a variety of extracurricular activities organized by our four schools.  There were some exciting basketball and hockey games, Student Council elections, along with some introductions of our new CINEC BC teachers. 

In this newsletter, we also hear from 2019 Nanmo graduate, Eric Liu, who is attending the University of Waterloo. Eric writes about his impressions of Waterloo and being a freshman at on the campus.

We hope you enjoy these interesting stories and news we have from our four schools.

Yours in Education,

CINEC Education Group

Message From Alumni
University of Brand New Life

Hi! This is Eric Liu, Shanghai Nanmo Private High School alumni, from Waterloo. Being in a brand new environment is exciting, but also stressful in some ways. I will talk about my first expressions, experiences, and giving some advice about starting university.

Star Students
Star Student - Annie Chen (Shanghai Nanmo Private High School)

Last Friday, I interviewed Annie Chen from 12B who was chosen as the Star Student this month. Generally, a Star Student should be achieving academically and be involved in school activities as well as in out of school activities. Without any doubts, Annie Chen conforms to all of them.

School News
A Talented Newcomer – Mr. Hillian

In the school year of 2019-2020, Nanmo teachers and students are more than cheerful to welcome several teachers to join their adventurous campus life, and Mr. Hillian is one of the cute “new faces.”

New Adventure Begins

Every September, new students come to Nanmo and are going to spend their next three years in the NBC program. For most of them, the BC courses mark the start of their new adventure.

Creation of Biology 3D Cell Models

The new semester has begun, BCOS students’ schoolwork life is back on the right track. In order to enable students to better understand and grasp the cell organelles, the biology teacher...

Discover the Little Secrets of Life

Two months of summer vacation quietly flew by and a fresh school year has arrived. In the second week of the new semester, the grade 12 students had their first experiment in chemistry class...

Basketball Tournament

On Sep. 11th and Sep. 18th, LWBC students took part in the basketball tournament. This was our first sports event after the summer holiday.

2019 Student Council Elections

The new school year means that the student union will be elected again! Unlike in previous years, this year’s student council election was unusually...

Pleasant But Thoughtful

Recently, our teacher Mr. Welch has been teaching us reading comprehension methods. During the class, I caught a word that was very impressive to me: a memoir, a word that comes...

Welcome To Our Unique PE Teacher

As you pass a certain classroom, you can always hear an energetic voice. The classroom has four different colours of sports jerseys and some fantastic...

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