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Message From Alumni
Greeting from Edmonton, Alberta - Vicky Shao (Jiaxing BCOS Alumni)

Half of this semester has already gone away, and I believe you guys are receiving your Term 1 report cards. How was it? I’m also having a busy time getting my mid-terms back and preparing for the finals at the University of Alberta, too.

Star Students
Responsibility - The key to becoming a Star Student - Kevin Xiang (CSW BCOS)

In CSW, there is an honor mechanism; the student who gets the most CC Cards (Core Competency cards) in each house at the end of a month will be the Star Student. Last month was a very busy month; we had a food festival, sports meeting, and other activities. Everyone had a lot to prepare for and there was a sense of urgency that comes with midterms. Nevertheless, the Star Student was always on the go. This time, since Blue House was the winning team, and because I am a member of the Blue House, I interviewed Kevin Xiang from Grade 10 who earned the most CC Cards.

Star Student - Frank Chen (Luwan BCOS)

Frank Chen is our star student this month. He is friendly, hard-working, and the other students all like to be friends with him. He said that his favorite sport is definitely basketball. He likes playing video games, watching some movies, and reading science-related books as well as other kinds of books during the weekends.

School News
Nanmo Terry Fox Run 2019 “Marathon of Hope”

When Terry Fox was 18 years old, doctors discovered cancer in his right leg. It did not only change his life, but also the world forever. When...

Farm Camp Experience

During late October, all Grade 11 students from Nanyang Model Private High School went to the Dadonghai farming camp in Pudong district for a five-day visit. They experienced the common lives...

Nanmo Ultimate Frisbee Club

This year is a new year for the Lions Ultimate Frisbee team. Senior players graduated, and new Grade 12 players started to be the leading players of the team. hey hope to bring the team to a new...

Halloween Assembly

Halloween has become NANMO’s most popular and exciting festivals, and many students celebrate this festival with so much enthusiasm. Halloween is a diversified and open festival that gives all...

BCOS Running Championship

On November 12, 2019, BCOS Running Championship was held in Jiaxing Senior high school. More than 100 athletes who participated in the competition were from Shanghai Luwan, Shanghai Nanmo, Sino, ML-ZJ and Jiaxing BCOS.

Fearless youth, pursuing dreams –The 21st Sports Festival of Jiaxing Senior High School

With the warm breeze and sweet smell of fragrant blossoms, the 21st sports festival of Jiaxing Senior...

Speak Up Program – New Enhancements for 2019-2020

While the Speak Up Program is already well underway since September 11th, there have been some improvements to the program this year....

Trick Or Treat!

Why all the students dressed in bizarre costumes? Why is the campus is shrouded by an uncanny feeling? Don’t be afraid or confused about that, this is because Halloween is coming!

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