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Message From CINEC

Message From Alumni
A Letter from a Past Valedictorian – Sherry Wei (Luwan BCOS Alumni)

Hey everyone! How’s it going? It has been almost half a year since the last time I saw you. I hope you are enjoying this semester. Mr. Chang asked me to share with you something about university life. As I am currently preparing for my final exams, let me talk about the tests, exams and assignments.

Star Students
Interview with our CC star - Aiden Zhou (CSW BCOS)

A traditional activity in CSW is the monthly CC card evaluation, from which a star student is selected. The winner in November is Aiden from G10. I had an in-depth interview with him about his study and his life. In this conversation, he made me realize some new improvements I can do for my own study, so I’m sure you will get something from this report too.

Star Student – Virginia Ding (Luwan BCOS)

“Why did you choose to study in the Luwan BC Program?” “It offers me a chance to go abroad and can also improve my communication skills. And you know as long as you walk into an unfamiliar environment, you’ll have to manage your own life and learn to be responsible and independent.”

School News
Nanmo’s Sports Day

On October 30th, our School Sports Day was held at Luwan Stadium, which is a place near the famous ASE Shopping Mall. It is not a new thing for Nanmo students since having an annual Sports Day is one...

Hockey Intramural Has Begun!

Have you heard the crash of pucks and sticks? Have you seen players run from one side of the gym to the other? Yes, the new Hockey Intramural League season has begun at Nanmo!

The First Model United Nation competition

On November 23-24, our school’s Model United Nations(MUN)team attended the XMUNC (The MUN competition at Southwest Weiyu Middle...

BCOS Basketball Tournament

The 2019 BCOS Basketball Tournament took place on November 27th– 28th. This time, the girls’ team won the second place and the boys’ team won...

Real Talk 2.0

Real Talk is one of the traditions of our school because it has been happening at Nanmo for five years. The purpose of Real Talk is to encourage students to practice speaking English during...

Computer Game Designing Club

The students from Jiaxing senior high school have begun our new term with a new extra-curriculum, the club time, which will improve all the students in different grades chances to improve their practical...

Biology Debate at Jiaxing BCOS

In last week’s biology class, Mr. C led all the Grade 12 students to hold a heated debate according to the different topics we have learned in Biology. This debate combined knowledge learned from books....

Business Elites From Jiaxing BCOS

On November 30, four teams from Jiaxing BCOS, led by Ms. Mercer, Dr. Levirs and Mr. Gu, came to Shanghai to participate in the two-day ASDAN youth simulation business event.

Attitude is Everything

For thousands of years, people have never stopped engaging themselves in various kinds of sport. Health is a determinant factor in sustaining life and enabling it to continue.

BCOS Running Championship 2019

On Nov 12th 21 students went to Jiaxing high school to take part in the BCOS running event and this was the first time our school participated in such an event.

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