Message from CINEC

Message From CINEC
Dear Students, Teachers and Parents,

The sun is shining more and the hours of the day are getting longer. We are entering our last month of the school year and the excitement for our graduates is building - the end is near! There is much to look forward to with the next stage of education and the experiences that wait ahead at university. 2020 is a special year for all of us. Although we are living in unprecedented and unpredictable times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our grade 12 students have broken the record with average 5- 6 offers per student from all over the world, and more than $9,000 CAD scholarship per student.
Congratulation Class 2020! You did it! But remember that the hard work has just begun!

School News
Nanmo BCOS‘ University Offers

Our three years of learning in Nanmo’s BCOS has almost come to an end. Throughout those years of dedication in our academic courses, Nanmo students have proven to be very hardworking and ...

What Do Nanmo BC Students Think About Online Learning?

Since the coronavirus outbreak started, the whole world has been in anguish due to this unprecedented crisis. Shanghai was put under...

The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Will Be - Jiaxing BCOS

“No one’s luck comes from nothing. Only when you work hard enough can you be lucky enough. The world will live up to every effort and persistence....

School Life at Jiaxing BCOS after COVID-19

During the outbreak of COVID-19, although students and teachers in BCOS are in different countries and time zones, they choose to adopt an online mode...

To Our Dreams - CSW BCOS

The sun is high upon the sky, the temperature is gradually increasing, and the students are starting to wear summer uniforms. Every single thing seems to mention to us that we have come to an end for a...

We Are All Insiders - CSW BCOS

This year has brought more tension than ever. A novel coronavirus broke out during the start of the Spring Festival. The rapid spread of this virus has made everyone, even people all over the world...

It’s Raining University Offers - Luwan BCOS

Every Spring grade 12 students, their parents and school staffs all over the world wait… . It is not an easy wait to be sure, but they have no choice. It is....

Coming Back to School after the Quarantine - Luwan BCOS

The students of Luwan Secondary School BC Program have been away from school since mid January due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As the...

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