Message from CINEC

Message From CINEC
Dear Students, Teachers, and Parents,
The end of the school year has passed so quickly. CINEC is very happy and proud of all the Grade 12 students for moving on to their next adventure. Students, you have worked hard to achieve your goals and now you’re on your way to seek new vistas, dream new dreams, embrace life with passion, and keep reaching for your stars. Congratulations graduates!
Parents should also be congratulated for their unending support, guidance, and love of their children.  You were critical in helping the graduates achieve their goals.
Teachers and administrators are to be commended for the diligence and professionalism in their continued engagement and leadership during the context of COVID-19.  Their efforts to maintain an instructional and academic climate during this difficult time were commendable.  Thank you, staff.
Let's join us in celebrating this year’s graduating class.
Here are some articles covering this year’s graduation ceremonies.
CINEC wishes all the students a happy summer break and see you, Gr. 10s and Gr. 11s, in September! Students who will be attending universities in Canada, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need any assistance.

School News
A Farewell to our Fellows and Teachers - Nanmo BCOS

The 2020 school year has been a special one with the entire world facing an unexpected pandemic and the situation that resulted from it, but it is also the...

Lions Keep Improving and Challenging Themselves

Since April, there have been ultimate Frisbee trainings on Sundays for students, organized by one of the coaches of the Chinese National Team...

CINEC Excellence Scholarship Winner — Charles Yu - Jiaxing BCOS

At present, this boy is not only a humble monitor in the eyes of his classmates and teachers, but also an exceptional student with offers from world-famous....

Grad Speech from Ms.Mercer

Good afternoon teachers, family members, and now distinguished graduates of the class of two-thousand and twenty. While I am disappointed that I can’t be physically present to shake each of your hands ...

Colorful June – Science Fair - CSW BCOS

June is a colorful and hot month. This month is in the middle of the year and splits the year in half, so it is like a small, restart of this year. Of course, It is also...

To Youth, Let’s Not Say Goodbye – CSW 2020 Graduation Ceremony

Graduation season has arrived and all high school students will graduate before this summer ends and enter their new university life. On the 19th of this...

A letter to Mr. Ruelle - Luwan BCOS

As we came to the end of this semester, we were told a sad news that our beloved teacher won’t be teaching us next semester. I was shocked and sad when I heard the news----this thought had never....

Luwan Grad 2020 – What a Year!

As Principal of any high school will tell you that one of the most anticipated and rewarding experience for them in any school year is graduation. This year has been a most unique experience for me in that it...

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