Message from CINEC

Message From CINEC
In this edition of our newsletter, all four of our BC offshore schools continued to offer a wide variety of activities to help enrich and enliven our students' educational experiences. Luwan, Jiaxing and Wenzhou all had alumni come visit to share their valuable post-secondary experiences with our current high school students. We also offered activities like the annual sports competition and Terry Fox run at Nanyang, as well as house team competitions. As we approach our first report cards of the year, CINEC offers it's best wishes and support to everyone, especially the grade 12s who will use these grades for university applications. 

School News
Nanmo BCOS - An Interview with Mr. Schwartz

This year Nanmo welcomed five new BC teachers. One of them is Mr. Schwartz, our teacher for AP Macro Economics and Social Studies 10...

Nanmo BCOS - Terry Fox Run 2020

On the afternoon of October the 23rd, all of the teachers and students from Nanyang Model Private High School NBC and A-level program took part in the annual Terry Fox Run, to remember the...

Nanmo BCOS - Sports Carnival

October 23, 2020, is the Sports Carnival in Nanyang Model Private High School. The weather that day was pretty nice, sunny most of the time. At about....

Jiaxing BCOS - Meet Our Teacher Mr. Haack

A hot summer vacation has passed. In this moment of crisp autumn, the new semester begins again. We have returned to our beautiful campus, facing the...

Jiaxing BCOS - Q&A for Outstanding Graduates: University Guide

The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus epidemic in 2020 has spread all over the world. Facing uncertainty due to border restrictions, many...

Jiaxing BCOS - Super strong business capability – Newsletter club

Our newsletter club is the disseminator of information, the reporter of current events, the recorder of happiness, and the calligrapher of...

Luwan BCOS - Our New Teacher Mr. Bisnauth

Mr. Bisnauth is our new teacher in LWBC and this is already his sixth year of his teaching journey in China. In the past few years, after he finished his ....

Luwan BCOS - Micole Mao’s UBC Presentation

LWBC’ s first semester started a month and a half ago, and the 12 graders are already busy preparing for university applications. Due to the influence of...

Wenzhou BCOS - A Sense of Ritual on Campus

The summer is over, and the cool autumn breeze has quietly arrived. CSW students finally held the House ceremony on October 16 that everyone had...

Wenzhou BCOS - Mutual Learning and Progress

On October 15, 2020, the Third Alumni Association meeting at CSW was held. Students could see that the hallway was adorned with the...

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