Message from CINEC

Message From CINEC
After the happy Spring Festival holiday, all BC students from the four schools came back to school and started a new learning journey.

In this spring season, we would like to tell you some good news. CINEC Network, the alumni association for all four of CINEC’s BC schools, has been officially established. This non-profit group, based on mutual assistance and giving back, will help our alumni and current students at all stages of their lives. You can check out this issue's article for more details. At present, nearly 200 alumni have joined the CINEC Network, and the recruitment of various positions for the executive committee is in full progress. We hope you can help us let more graduates know this good news, and we look forward to connecting with all the CINEC alumni!
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Life as a University Student at UBC - Jiaxing BCOS Alumni

Hi everyone, I am Bella. How are you doing this term? It is my second year at UBC, but I must stay in China and take online classes due to COVID-19. Even though I only stayed less than a year at UBC, it made a good impression on me.

Having My University Life At Home - Kelsey (Jiaxing BCOS Alumni) from U of T

I should have been far away and across the ocean in Canada at this moment if not for the Coronavirus. During the day, I would sit in the classroom with my classmates from all over the world to listen to the professor’s lectures. At night, I would chat with my friends and study in my dorm. In my spare time, I could enjoy various kinds of convenient facilities on campus.

CINEC Network BC High School Alumni Association

In order to strengthen the connection between overseas alumni and their high schools, CINEC Education Group officially established the CINEC Network, our BC High School Alumni Association. The purpose of this platform is to provide a place for CINEC BC High School graduates and grade 12 students who will graduate soon to communicate, support and share. On this platform, people can seek and get assistance. Alumni can also help each other, so that they can give back to their Alma mater and society and support more people.

Come Join CINEC Network's Executive Committee Now!

In order to manage the alumni association better and provide convenience for alumni to communicate and share, CINEC established the structure of the alumni association as follows:

1. The executive committee will be established, with two Co Presidents, and four departments including the Marketing Department, Alumni Affairs Department, Operations Department, and Finance Department.

2. The executive committee will also have regional branches, such as East, West, the United States, Europe, Australia and other branches.


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