Message from CINEC

Message From CINEC
Throughout these beautiful spring days, this April has brought us all the promise of renewal and continued growth. CINEC students are feeling reinvigorated to continue their pursuit of academic excellence and actively participating in various sports. Our students in Jiaxing and Luwan organized basketball and hockey games. CINEC headquarters held more online professional training sessions for all teachers. Our CINEC Network Alumni Association is also actively preparing for many activities, so stay tuned!
CINEC教师们的专业发展 — 反思、研究与更新


CINEC Network News
Let’s Meet CINEC Alumni Network’s Co-President – Ivan Hu

Recently, pictures of a psychology teacher at Wenzhou University went viral on the Internet. His teaching style was as attractive as his appearances, proved by classrooms after classrooms of packed students. This “well-known” teacher happens to be our new Co-President of the CINEC Alumni Association Network, Yangbang Hu. Hu is a former graduate of Canadian Secondary Wenzhou No.22 School. Let’s learn about his journey so far!

Let’s Meet CINEC Alumni Network’s Co-President – Stark Li

To study in one of the “Ivy League” schools is the dream of many Chinese students. But in reality, only a handful of them can actually get to the institutions of their dreams. Guess what, one of the Co-President of our CINEC Network Alumni Association happened to be “The Chosen One.” Let’s take a minute to listen to his story, shall we?


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