CINEC Programs

CINEC Education offers a range of short-term and long-term programs, both in Canada and abroad.

CINEC offers a range of short-term and long-term programs, both in Canada and abroad. Our strong leadership team has decades of experience as top leaders in Canadian and offshore educational programs. We work effectively with government officials both in Canada and abroad to provide the highest quality educational services. CINEC’s strong sense of community and commitment to excellence helps to attract and retain the best students and teachers. 

Long-term Programs

CINEC’s long term programs allow for a wholesome Canadian experience while increasing language proficiency in English. Students have a chance to earn a Canadian graduation diploma upon completion of high school. The majority of our students consistently enter top universities across the world.

BC Offshore Schools Program

Certified by the province of British Columbia Ministry of Education under its International Education Branch, the BC Program offshore school provides the BC curriculum for K-12 education. All the courses meet the requirements for curriculum, hours of instruction, textbooks, teaching methods and testing….

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Canadian Standard English Program

Developed by our team of British Columbia educators, the Canadian Standard English Program learning outcomes for each grade in the elementary middle schools are based upon those prescribed for English as Second Language learners, as well as, based on…

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Alberta Offshore Schools Program

Part of Alberta’s international focus is to strengthen economic and cultural ties in Asia, including China. Expanding education relationships has proven to further economic, cultural, and diplomatic relationships between countries on many levels. In 2010, the Province…

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Short-term Programs

CINEC’s short-term programs are designed for students to immerse and experience the Canadian culture while obtaining proficiency in the English language. These programs include classroom instructions, exploratory, and course-related indoor and outdoor activities. Students stay width homestay families for the duration of their stay, immersing them in the Canadian culture and English language environment. CINEC works with various public school boards in the Vancouver Lower Mainland in delivering these programs. As such, foreign students in these short-term programs will have opportunities to mingle and interact with local Canadian students and other international students from all over the world, offering them the feel of a multicultural experience which resembles what is true “Canadian”. Students receive a Certificate of Completion to include in their academic portfolio.