Our Servies

CINEC Education Group strives to provide the highest quality expertise, resources and academic and personal support to students and organizations with the most effective and strategic methods.

Before Coming To Canada

Choosing the right university is a crucial stage in life for each student and their family. CINEC strives for providing the most suitable study plan for students who are looking for the best possible seat in a Canadian university. According to each student’s situation and needs, we will offer a series of services including choosing school and major, applying for school, applying for Study Permit, and looking for homestay etc. Our goal is to help all of the customers successfully get admitted by their dream schools, and prepare for their stay in Canada.


School Application

  • English Assessment
  • Research of School Info And Application Requirements
  • Personal Study Plan
  • Documentation Preparation
  • Scholarship Application
  • Contacting Schools And Following Up

Study Permit

  • Consultation And Assessment
  • Preparing Documentation
  • Filling Out Application Forms
  • Submitting Application And Following Up




We carefully selected local host families for our students. We have high standards for the location, family background, housing conditions ,living environment, and require  criminal records check from each family.  We also conduct visiting and interviews for each application.


In order to study in Canada, underage students will need to have a adult custodian in Canada. Our company will provide the service of providing custodianship so that parents of the students at home country will be at their ease.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality education programs and services which are achievement driven and ensure the best possible academic and personal experiences for our educators and students.

After Coming To Canada

In order to help students adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, we provide settling-in and consulting services. With our regular contacting with students, We are able to keep abreast of the student’s situation and provide services such as visa renewal and school transferring according to their needs. Students can come to us when they encounter any difficulties.

Settling-down Services

  • Airport Pick-up
  • Communicating With Homestay Families
  • Setting Up Bank And Cell Phone Account
  • Showing Around Neighborhood
  • Translating and Accompanying


School Transfer

There are a number of flexible pathways that can lead students to their favorite universities. School transferring is one of them. With many years’ experience working in the educationl industry, CINEC will give the best service of helping students transfer to their dream schools.


Visa Renewal

International students in Canada need to extend their study permit at least 30 days before it expires. When the time comes, we can provide the service of visa renewal, so that the students can save their valuable time and don’t need to go through the hassle



  • Keeping In Touch With Students And Host Families
  • Communicating with School
  • Providing Guidance for Selecting Courses
  • Organizing After-school Activities