BC education focuses on helping students to develop the skills necessary for success in the rapidly changing world of the 21st century. This of course includes developing fundamental numeracy and literacy skills, as well as the broader core competencies of communication, thinking and personal / social responsibility. 

In order to provide a relatively objective measurement of how well schools are doing in these areas, three standardized tests are conducted every year, namely the Grade 10 Numeracy Assessment, the Grade 10 Literacy Assessment and the Grade 12 Literacy Assessment. 

CINEC schools have already been performing very strongly in the grade 10 assessments since they were introduced a few years ago, but this past November was the very first time that the Grade 12 Literacy Assessment was held, so everyone was eager to see the results which were just recently released. 

After tabulating the results, we were very happy to see that 52% of CINEC grade 12 students either achieved a score of “proficient” or “extending”, the two highest scores on the test. This is significantly higher than the overall average of BC offshore schools (28%) and even higher than the average for private BC schools located in Canada (47%)! 

Even with this great success, CINEC will continue to strive for ever greater results in the future, always focusing on the overall development of our students, to prepare them for success in high school, in university, and beyond. 

For more information on BC standardized assessments, please visit: https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/provincial/assessment 

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