After careful selection by the principals and teachers of our four schools, the list of CINEC outstanding star students has been finalized. Let’s warmly congratulate these students with excellent academic performance!

Luwan BCOS

Gr. 10: Vanessa Shi

Gr. 11: Virginia Ding

Gr. 12 : Beatrice DingImage

From left to right: Mrs. Fortin (BCOS Principal), Beatrice, Virginia and Vanessa

Nanmo BCOS

Gr. 10: Martina Qin

Gr. 11: Crystal Zhu

Gr.12: David GaoImage

From left to right: Mr. Wuerch (BCOS Principal), Crystal, David, Martina

Jiaxing BCOS

BCOS Principal

Gr. 10: Lynn Zhang

Gr. 11: Alice Mao

Gr. 12: Ian Yao


 Canadian Secondary Wenzhou No. 22 School (CSW)

Gr. 10: Corey Chen

Gr. 11: Anna Gao

Gr. 12: Kiki XuImage

From left to right: Mr. Tamblyn (BCOS Principal), Kiki, Anna and Corey