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With our wealth of experience in international education, our programs offer our educators and students a highly professional and academic experience. Our programs and services are a definite edge over others.

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Established in 2003, CINEC Group evolved from providing international-student services to becoming a full-fledged educational service organization with a multi-functional team of education professionals, providing English language programs and the British Columbia and Alberta curricula.

 Pursuing Excellence “Facts”

  • CINEC BC Offshore Schools have been successfully inspected and certified each year of their existence.
  • Graduates are successfully attending the top world class universities in the world (Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and Australia)
  • CINEC offers an annual Professional Development Conference for its staff.

CINEC Programs

CINEC offers a range of short-term and long-term programs, both in Canada and abroad. Our strong leadership team has decades of experience as top leaders in Canadian and offshore educational programs. We work effectively with government officials both in Canada and abroad to provide the highest quality educational services. CINEC’s strong sense of community and commitment to excellence helps to attract and retain the best students and teachers. 

Short-Term Programs

CINEC Education offers short-term programs such as our Summer and Winter Camps for offshore students, and a variety of other course-specific short-term programs. These programs are designed for students to immerse and experience the Canadian culture while obtaining proficiency in the English language. These programs include classroom instructions, exploratory, and course-related indoor and outdoor activities. Students stay with homestay families for the duration of their stay, immersing them in the Canadian culture and English language environment.

Partner Schools

Shanghai Nanyang Model Private High School

Jiaxing Senior High School

Shanghai Luwan Senior High School

Why Become A Teacher at CINEC?

CINEC Education Group strives to create a working and learning environment where staff feel valued and are actively engaged in our programs and our vision. CINEC believes that if our students are to reach their full potential, their path is best served by learning from well-qualified professionals.
  • The world of international education is steadily growing and with it, is the demand for high-quality teachers with the appropriate skills, enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Come and join our team. Be part of an educational environment that transcends international borders and make a difference in our interconnected global world.
  • A popular way to live and work abroad while earning a good salary is by teaching.

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